Editorial Policy


This blog is the expresion of my personal opinions related to strategic marketing and has no connection whatsoever with my current employer, my current customers or any other professional affiliation that I might have. If there is any content that will be related to any of these, it will be my pure personal take on that subject matter and will not represent in any way an official position of the above mentioned partners.

I try to give credit where credit is due and thus I will do my best to mention all sources from where I take the information that I use on my blog. By the same token, all content from this website can be reproduced, partially or entirely, as long as the source is mentioned completely (blog name and web address).


While I am an adept of freedom of speech and expression, I also aknowledge the fact that this blog is my private property and thus I reserve the right to moderate the comments posted here.

As long as your comments are relevant to the discussion at hand, you need not worry about censorship. However, if you are on this blog to flame, troll or spread fear, uncertainty and doubt, rest assured that you will not find a communication channel here.

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