Can You Help? Yes You Can!

I just came back from ONG web 2.0 New Media Conference, organized by the Soros Foundation Romania at Novotel Hotel in Bucharest. The conference and the program ( behind it aimed at helping NGO’s become more web 2.0 aware, training several organizations to be able to understand and use the tools that allow for effective and low cost online communication, such as blogs and social networks, for example. The specialists involved in the project funded by the Soros Foundation Romania included well known e-names, such as Iulian Comanescu and Doru Panaitescu.

One of the organizations involved in the ONG web 2.0 program is the Ihtis Association, which has just developed an online marketing campaign meant to help them raise 350,000 Euros needed to build the first Romanian Center for Independent Life. Their message is extremely powerful (I hope it will become viral) and calls every one to action, because each and every one of us can make the effort to donate 1 Euro in order to help them achieve their objective.

if only 350,000 people would donate 1 Euro, the Ihtis Association would be able to construct the first center that aims to help people with physical disabilities live a normal life through autonomy, independence and social integration.

Please send this video to all your friends and family, because I am sure they will be able to make the small donation needed to make the Ihtis Association’s dream come true.

I will donate my 1 Euro today, when will you?

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