Communication Olympics: 9th Edition

[![Communication Olympics]( "Communication Olympics - 9th Edition")](
Communication Olympics
Between March 23 and April 16 you can register for the 9th edition of the Communication Olympics, the most important national competition for youth interested in a career in Advertising, Public Relations or Political Communication. The competition is the best opportunity for young aspirants to get noticed by the professionals in the industry, because more than 70 of them have been invited this year to be part in the competition jury (you can find more information about the jury [here]( "Communication Olympics - The Jury")).

For 2009, there are four main themes for the pre-selection of candidates:

Corporate Communication – Campaign to persuade the Romanian employees to do more sports.

Advertising – Campaign to convince the audience to buy mainly products made in Romania, as opposed to imported products

Political Communication – Campaign to convince the Romanian electorate to vote through a referendum for a change of the current republic into a presidential or parliamentary one

Public Relations – Campaign to encourage the population to recycle electronic waste

You can find more information about the competition here.

The teams that will pass the pre-selection process will have the opportunity to work on a real communication project for a company, a brand, a public institution or a public individual. After two weeks of work, the teams will be able to publicly present their projects and the best ones will be recognized and awarded prizes of 4,000 Euro in total. If you want to see examples of successful projects from past years, check out here!

For more information about the event, check out

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