Do You Dare to Make the Trip?

![Trip - The Movie 2008](https://i2.wp.com/www.secareanu.com/content/images/2008/12/presskit1-211x300.jpg?resize=211%2C300 "Trip - The Movie")
Trip - The Movie 2008
Last night I went to see an original Romanian movie made by a handful of young people from Constanta, lead by Florina Titz. Played in a small cinema like hall, the movie experience creates an emotionally striking snapshot of a piece of Romania. I was highly impressed with the quality of the movie that was produced entirely through the efforts of the people involved in it.

“Trip voyeuristically takes you into the entangled lives of Dani, Yumi, Ovidiu, Ada and Cristi – youths addicted to one another, yet intent on escaping the pressure of their interconnectedness and frustrating realities. The characters’ sense of disenchantment with the world and themselves is reflected by the choices of background combining closed apartment spaces with post communist cityscapes and counteracted by the preference for flashy colors, intense rhythms and a post-pop-art feeling. TRIP explores the eidetic language of contemporary Constanta, penetrating into the lives of the characters which are bonded through pathological friendship, schizophrenia and imagination. The group feels they are losing their mental sanity in the dull socio-cultural space in which they live. They spend their time engaging in pointless discussions or linguistic debates without a real logical basis or using consciousness-altering tools such as drugs or alcohol. In their ghost town there is no other solution for authentic escapism. On one of their rare excursions outside their apartment – an enclosed, concentric space – Yumi, Ovidiu, Dani and Cristi meet Ada, an interesting girl who travels from town to town, leaving behind acquaintances and friends, and her integration into the group seems to be complete and absolute. During one of their role-playing sessions, when the five of them imagine progressively that they are somebody else in totally different circumstances, things start to crumble down when the distance between reality and dream becomes increasingly thinner, while the pathological conditions, maintained through a continuous vicious circle, seem to be aggravating.” (source: www.tripthemovie.ro)

Highly recommended (it will soon be available in Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara)!

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