Doru Panaitescu: Online Marketing Course

A couple of months ago I was announcing Doru Panaitescu’s Online Marketing Course, aimed at all those who want to be up to date with the online marketing in Romania in 2009 and beyond. The last session of his course before the summer break will take place next week (June 24-25, 2009) at the IAA office. To participate in this course (that I took and I highly recommend), you need to register on (cost is 395 Euro + VAT). However, if you mention my name when you register, you can benefit from a 10% discount from the course price.

The course will dwell into themes such as:

  • Online advertising market in Romania, its mechanics and its tendencies for the next few years
  • Online campaigns, various types and formats of online advertising and concrete examples of their synchronization
  • Online media planning techniques, optimizing prior, during and post campaign
  • Online ad serving, technologies and their efficient use for optimizing online campaigns
  • Micro sites and their correct usage, beyond the banner project, contextual projects, viral marketing and cross media campaigns

As I mentioned before, I took the course this year and I think it’s really worth for all those who run marketing departments and teams or who are part of these teams, because it will give you a complete overview of the ways and means to be successful with online marketing in Romania and not only. Highly recommended!

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