Entrepreneurs: The Leader and the Market

Mihai Stanescu, a good friend of mine and executive coach in his everyday life, is organizing on November 6, 2008, a seminar with the theme: Entrepreneurs: The Leader and the Market. The event will take place at Intercontinental Hotel, Rapsodia Hall, starting at 9:00 am.

The event will explore ways of successfully handling the main challenges that Romanian businesses face from the leader’s behavioral perspective, be it owner, general manager or executive manager. The focus of the seminar will be the link between the leader’s behavior and the company’s evolution on the market it activates on. The event will feature two guest speakers, both of them successful Romanian entrepreneurs who will talk about their business experience.

The event will explore the following main themes (but will not be limited to them):

  • What are the specifics of coaching?
  • How can you obtain 500% ROI through coaching?
  • Workoholism – I have 24 hours available, but I feel that I need a couple more.
  • Delegation – How many times do I work for the same money?
  • Losing business vision and drive.
  • The shortest path to the clients.
  • Fear of raising the price.
  • Team reporting – what do I do with my people?

The event will be lead by Mihai Stanescu, who is Executive Coach and President of RoCoach, the first Romanian company to offer dedicated coaching services in South-Eastern Europe. Mihai Stanescu is the most experienced Romanian coach and was considered to be the “Best Coach of 2007” by Business Edu.

The event participation fee is 150 Euro (VAT excluded), sum that will cover not the seminar itself, but one hour of coaching for each participant, based on a schedule agreed upon by both parties. The deadline for event registration is November 5, 2008. For more information about the event and for participation details, please contact Monica Cazan, Associate Coach, monica.cazan[at], +40 723 525 267.

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