Extreme Off-road Adventures in Busteni

It’s been a while since I was out doing proper off-road, because I preferred to just enjoy the weekends relaxing in various remote locations rather than put a strain on the car and its passengers just to satisfy my whims.

This past weekend though, I was out in the mountains exactly for this purpose: off-road not just for myself, but also for my passengers. All eight of us (2 cars, 2 drivers and 6 passengers) were kindly hosted by J’Info Tours in a very nice villa in Busteni (Marie Angelle – recommended if you want to relax in a very quiet location with a gorgeous view of the Bucegi mountains).

The two cars were packed with the following people:

Toyota Landcruiser aka D.D.

Mitsubishi Pajero

On Saturday we took our time enjoying the mountain side around Busteni area, driving up to Piatra Arsa and having a short walk in the area. We then visited Bolboci lake and had a great meal at Zanoaga Cabin.

On Sunday the fun began. We woke up late, had a big brunch and we started off towards Azuga. However, instead of driving the normal way, we took a forest path through the woods and had a wonderful off road trip all the way up to Sorica ski slope, on top of Azuga. The path was a wonderful trekking path with quite a few challenges for off road enthusiasts (there was even a fallen tree on the path that we had to avoid).

After this part of the trip, we ended up on top of Sorica ski slope, from where our second part of the trip began. This time we took a less traveled road that lead us all the way to Comarnic, all the time surrounded by an incredible view from the mountain tops.

The entire weekend was a wonderful experience and I am glad it was facilitated by Roxana, Maria & J’Info Tours and enhanced by all the participants. The two off road tracks are definitely something I want to do again.

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