International Forum for Digital Content: FICOD 2008

[![International Forum for Digital Content 2008]( "FICOD2008")]( "International Forum for Digital Content 2008")
International Forum for Digital Content 2008
Next week, [Dragos Gurarosie]( "Dragos Gurarosie & F5 X-Media") and I will take part at the [International Forum for Digital Content]( "International Forum for Digital Content") (FICOD 2008) that will take place between 25 and 27 November in Madrid, Spain. The conference will explore extremely interesting topics related to the online industry and the production of digital content, such as digital animation, digital distribution, digital interactive leisure, marketing via social networks, online payments, new media business models, video game distribution, measuring TV impact on the web, producing online content, webTV, how to make money online, digital education and health, digital history, user generated content or how to create the digital professionals of the future.

I am glad to see that NetCamp is also exploring a lot of the topics that the western online industry is looking at. This tells me that we have an extremely active online professionals network that is not playing the catch-up game, but is rather leaping ahead and pushing the local online industry in the right direction in terms of business development. I will try to provide information from Spain and will see how the topics there will match with the discussions from NetCamp and if there are any different approaches.

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