Mainstream Technology Driving Business Development

I’ve just got back to the office from the Romanian launch of the Modu mobile phone, device created by Dov Moran, one of the inventors of the solid state drives. Getting up to date with my RSS feeds I came across an interesting article by Rohit Bhargava: The Undiscovered Potential of A USB Stick "The Undiscovered Potential of A USB Stick"). The idea behind both these technologies is that business development can be achieved by simply taking an existing technology and employing it in an innovative way.

Modu is the example of the now ubiquitous mobile phone (well, the smallest in the world, they say) dressed up in a multitude of jackets/extensions that make it a truly universal device that allows you to talk to your friends, listen to music, monitor your running sessions, view pictures or movies on a bigger screen or almost anything you can think about inside or outside of a digital home.

By the same token, the USB stick si the example of an already mainstream technology having the potential to revolutionize the entertainment industry by taking on a different approach in an already established (and conservative, I would say) business.

Can you think of any other mainstream technologies that could be employed like this and be able to revolutionize traditional industries?

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