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Nokia N97 Comes to Market

Nokia has announced today that it will be shipping the highly expected N97 smart phone (or mobile computer, as Nokia calls it) later this month, in a coordinated launch throughout 75 countries. The device will feature a 3.5″ tilting touchscreen (first one of this type used on a Nokia smart phone) accompanied by a full QWERTY keyboard and access to the new range of Ovi services, as well as Nokia Music Store.

*“The Nokia N97 is an important step towards our vision of delivering a highly personalized Internet experience,” said Jonas Geust, Vice President and head of Nokia Nseries. “Fuelled by a multitude of music, maps, games, media and applications via Ovi, the Nokia N97 transforms the Internet into an experience that’s completely tailored to the tastes and interests of its owner.” (source:

Although a lot of the features announced in the press release have been worded as innovative, most of the applications mentioned have traditionally been available on previous smart phone series, such as E or N series. However, the tech specs of the phone do provide a step forward in terms of features available for the Nokia users, with 32GB of device storage, expandable to 48GB with the addition of a micro SD card, as well as the new bluetooth stereo headset also launched today.

Although not that spectacular technological breakthrough, the N97 smart phone does appear to be an attractive upgrade option for Nokia E and N series users. I would personally buy the phone to replace my Nokia E71 if the price would prove to not be prohibitive (in Europe, estimated market price for the Nokia N97 is somewhere around 500 Euro).

To get a glimpse of the looks of the new product, check these images taken from the Nokia N97 press page:

Nokia N97

Nokia N97

Nokia N97

For more information about the Nokia N97, check these resources:

Nokia N97 Press Release:
The Nokia N97 press page:
A full list of Nokia N97 features:

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