Premio Dardos Award

Words of a Broken Mirror (Alina Popescu) has recently awarded me the Premio Dardos Award. If you don’t know what the prize means (and I didn’t when I received it myself either), I can now tell you that Premio Dardos means “prize darts” in Italian (sounds more like Spanish to me, but that’s what my sources tell me). The prize is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values transferred to the world in the form of creative and original writing.

While the prize comes as an aknowledgement of one’s personal contribution to the online world, it doesn’t come without strings attached. Once you accept the award by posting about it and about the person who awarded it to you on your blog, by linking to his/her blog, you also have to give the award yourself to other 15 individuals who are worth of receiving it.

Since I already accepted the award, I pay my dues by listing here those individuals that I would like to pass the award to, for their remarkable contribution to the online world (in the mental order they invaded my thoughts and with females first in line):

  1. Corina Gonteanu
  2. Loredana Pascal
  3. Laura Mihailescu
  4. Nona Serbanescu
  5. Adriana Capraru
  6. Georgiana Giba
  7. Diana Dragomir
  8. Mihai Stanescu
  9. Mircea Scarlatescu
  10. Cristian Sitov
  11. Dragos Dehelean
  12. Cristian Manafu
  13. Doru Panaitescu
  14. Bogdan Gavrila
  15. Madalin Matica

…and I have to tell them as well :).

Update: I left a small note on everyone’s blog that I listed up here, and I wonder what they will think of it. In a sense, this whole Premio Dardos Award looks like a chain letter, but in fact it is some sort of a viral networking and recommendation action. If you think about it, every blogger who gets involved will share with the world their favorite bloggers, in a sense recommending them to their readers. Anyways, it felt weird doing this, as if I was a small child playing tricks on people :). How did you feel?

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