Seth Godin's Marketing Lessons from the US Elections

Since today the United States are electing a new President, I thought I would share with you this post written by Seth Godin, a well-known marketing professional who’s teaching us important marketing lessons through his blog every day. I recommend reading through it because it is a gorgeous example of teaching marketing through marketing.

However, please remember that the US elections are merely the hook that triggered the marketing lesson taught by Seth Godin, and you should not get yourself drowned in it because the teachings of the story are somewhere else. The real marketing lessons that Seth Godin is teaching us are in the short, bolded phrases in his post: “Stories really matter,” “TV is over,” “Permission matters,” “Marketing is tribal,” “Motivating the committed outperforms persuading the uncommitted,” “Attack ads don’t always work,” “We get what we deserve.”

Using the US Elections as a hook, Seth Godin is actually teaching his marketing lessons through his own marketing tools, the books he has published on various key areas of marketing, promoting them in the same time by telling his story to his tribe with the tribe’s permission because the tribe is getting what it deserves.

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