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Strategic Marketing & Business Development

As you might have noticed already, I have decided to expand the scope of my blog to include Business Development alongside Strategic Marketing. The idea was that, even though I’m in a Product Management position (although a marketing associated position, usually), I am mainly involved with the business development of the product that I manage, rather than the pure marketing strategy and execution.

However, if you were to ask the marketing centric professionals, most of them will probably tell you that marketing is actually business. If you think about a business in terms of the wholistic marketing approach, everything a business does is actually marketing. From the CEO devising the company strategy to the doorman welcoming the guests in the company headquarters, every action contributes to that company’s ability to sell more, for more money, to more people, more often and more efficiently (the exponential definition of marketing).

Defining the focus of my blog on both Strategic Marketing and Business Development allows me to touch upon subjects that explore, but are not limited to, coaching, education, marketing, business development or entrepreneurship. In a sense, I have been already doing this in the subjects that I’ve touched upon on my blog, but this minor declared editorial change is simply legitimizing it.

In the end, since the only constant in life is change (as Einstein once said), our blogs, like ourselves, are social creatures constantly changing and evolving as needs, wants, desires, priorities or the personal and professional context dictate us.

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