Corina sent me a Christmas tag and I will answer to it shortly. I haven’t planned a lot for the Christmas presents this year, but the only one I planned for got delayed because of a stupid logistics problem. I am not sure if I should buy it anymore, but I have one week to think about it and I will make up my mind later this coming week.

For my family I bought small souvenirs from Madrid, where I was a while ago, and some useful house things. Visiting them is a present in itself (I guess), since I tend to do it quite seldom (Easter & Christmas usually, but I should actually do it more often than that). For some of my close friends from my home town I’ve done shopping in the last moment, right before paying them a visit.

Since I haven’t planned a lot for Christmas presents, there isn’t a huge discrepancy between what I bought for presents and what I would have wished to buy (I wanted to buy useful and pleasant gifts, and since I aimed for that I think I achieved it). I also bought gifts based on my available budget, so this also limited a bit my options. However, if I think about it, I was not aspirational at all, but purely rational (which is not unusual with me).

Maybe I should dream more…