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Top 100 Web 2.0 Apps & Their Business Models

[![Webware.com Top 100 Web 2.0 Apps](https://i1.wp.com/www.secareanu.com/content/images/2009/03/webware-top100-webapps.png?resize=215%2C54 "webware-top100-webapps")](http://www.webware.com/html/ww/100/2008/winners.html)
Webware.com Top 100 Web 2.0 Apps
[Webware](http://www.webware.com "Webware.com") has recently published [the top 100 best web 2.0 applications](http://www.webware.com/html/ww/100/2008/winners.html "Webware - Top 100 Web 2.0 Apps"), as voted by the readers of the portal, as well as Internet users across the world. There were over 1.9 million votes cast in order to select these 100 applications.

Here is the list, structured into a few categories:





Commerce & Events






Publishing & Photography


Search & Reference




Utility & Security




Following this top, Box.uk has made an analysis of the business models of the top 100 web 2.0 apps of 2008 and this is what they came out with: “We spent a few hours going through the Webware 100 Top Web Apps for 2008, analyzing the business model(s) used by each. The chart below shows the results of this survey: 34% use Advertising, 12% a Variable Subscription model, and 8% each for Virtual Products (typically digital downloads), Related Products (typically a large software company offering a free product to attract you to their platform) and Pay-Per-Use.”

[![Box.uk - Monetizing your Web App: Business Model Options](https://i1.wp.com/www.boxuk.com/upload/model_survey.jpg?resize=475%2C444 "Box.uk - Monetizing your Web App: Business Model Options")](http://www.boxuk.com/blog/monetizing-your-web-app-business-models)
Box.uk - Monetizing your Web App: Business Model Options
**Business Models:**

I – Immediate Revenue

  • IS – Subscription - ISF – Fixed
  • ISV – Variable
  • IT – Third Party Supported - ITA – Advertising
  • ITS – Sponsorship
  • ITC – Paid Content
  • ITP – Paid Placement
  • ITR – Referrer
  • ITL – License Content
  • IP – Payments - IPU – Pay per Use
  • IPP – Physical Products
  • IPV – Virtual Products
  • IPR – Related Products
  • IPD – Donations

L – Long Term Revenue

  • LE – Establish & Exploit - LER – Re-use/Re-sell
  • LEP – Platform
  • LEB – Branding
  • LS – Sell & Exit

Meta Models:

  • MR – Shared Revenue
  • MR – Reseller - MRA – Affiliate
  • MRW – White Label

For more information and details, check Box.uk article.

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