Top 36+1 Viral Videos of 2008

Via On Monday, Upload Cinema presented their fine selection of last year’s best viral videos. You can see the top 10 below and the rest on the page:

  1. Manking Is No Island (by JASON VAN GENDEREN)

  2. Wassup 2000 (by DOOMWITHBOOM)

  3. Wassup 2008 (by 60FRAMES)

  4. Yes We Can (by WECAN08)


  6. Tina Fey as Sarah Palin (by APGUITARGUY401)

  7. Dutch Minister Ella Vogelaar Confronted by a Shock Blog (by GEENSTIJL)

  8. Kobe Bryant Stunt (by THECOURTISOPEN)

  9. White Kid Stunt (by JMIAH14)

  10. Jumping Under a Car (by SHAKEITDAVEY)

What is interesting is the fact that there is a significant proportion of viral marketing videos that were good enough to make it into this top 36, telling us that innovative marketing is still with us.

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