US Online Video Ads Growing

[ ![US Online Video Advertising (source:]( "US Online Video Advertising")](
US Online Video Advertising (source:
Online video advertising is still a small percentage of the total online advertising expenditure in US, an [eMarketer]( "eMarketer - The Online Video Advertising Picture Clears Up") study shows, and even a smaller percentage of TV advertising expenditure. However, the good news is that video advertising is growing and will increase its proportion in comparison with both total online, as well as TV advertising.

However, if in 2007 and 2008 the growth was quite explosive (over 70% and 126% respectively), the estimated growth rate for 2009-2013 will drop to below 50%. Even though modest, if compared to 2008’s growth rate, the 40-50% growth rates estimated for the following 3-4 years will still be bigger than the growth rate of TV advertising expenditure, making the online video advertising market an interesting market to be in (nothing new here, right?).

Despite the fervent opinions that TV will soon lose to online, the numbers show that there will still be years to come in which TV will remain the crowned king of advertising budgets. “In 2009, for example, for every $100 advertisers spend on television, they will spend only $1.60 for video ads. Even by 2013, that number will only reach $5.50,” said David Hallerman, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report, Digital Video Advertising: Where’s the Money?.

So, if you’re looking at doing it right in regards to video advertising, you should be looking at integrating TV, online and mobile platforms since these are the three main screens that the user is connected to.

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