What People Trust on the Internet

[![What People Trust on the Internet (Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey April 2009)]( "What People Trust on the Internet")](
What People Trust on the Internet (Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey April 2009)
I was reading earlier today a post written by [Seth Godin]( "Seth Godin") about [the CPM gap]( "Seth Godin - The CPM Gap") and how advertisers are pushing for interruption advertising (through display advertising, mainly), when they should be aiming for building online communities in which advertising is integrated with the needs and wants of those communities, where “attendance is a choice [made] by the consumer” and not an “in your face” overlayer.

Somehow in sync with this idea, Ionut Oprea just published on his blog the forms of advertising in which consumers trust “somewhat” or “completely,” based on a Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey from April 2009.

The study shows clearly that the CPM league is actually trailing at the bottom of the list, with consumer trust level running in the 30-40% range. If we look at the top tier, recommendations, consumer opinions, brand websites, editorial content and brand sponsorships are still the top factors that influence consumers’ trust in advertising.

It’s funny thus how clients still ask for display advertising (considering online advertising options) and then are disappointed by the poor results generated when instead, advertising clients should focus on engaging their customers inside their communities. And ironically, even though online advertising is still a minor fraction of total advertising budgets, two out of top three customers information and trust sources are online.

Update: More info about the Nielsen study on their blog.

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