Why Strategic Marketing?

You might wonder why I chose the subject of strategic marketing as the topic for my blog. The idea is that I have a special professional interest in this topic and, in the past years, I have been influenced by a couple of people who are very active in this field.

The main influence came from Paul Garrison, head of the Garrison Group and author of Exponential Marketing. Paul has been my Strategic Marketing professor at CEU Business School and he instilled in me his passion for his marketing religion. In a nutshell, he defined strategic marketing in a quote:

“Tell them and they will forget. Show them and they will remember. Involve them and they will understand.” (ancient Chinese proverb)

The other person that has influenced me a lot is Seth Godin, one of the contemporary marketing gurus. I read his blog daily and I love how he teaches marketing to the world through subtle ideas passed along in between the lines of his stories.

Although I will most probably dwell into other areas of marketing as well, I will try to preserve the focus on strategy. In the end, as Paul Garrison was saying, everything communicates and there should be a strategic reason behind every marketing communication.

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