I will vote Monica Macovei!

The Presidential Elections are only 2 weeks away in Romania and the current geo-political landscape looks gloomier than ever. There are 14 candidates for the Presidency, two of them sustained by the current main political forces and the rest with low to nonexistent chances (if we are to take into account the opinion polls published on this topic).

In the previous two occasions I have voted with the candidate that had the best political speech in terms of coherence and closeness to my personal values. Coincidentally, my choice also had significant chances to win the elections. I will not change the way I choose the candidate I vote but this year my choice goes to one of the candidates in the long tail.

I am aware that Monica Macovei is not the perfect candidate and I’ve had discussions with friends who are much more into politics than I am and who outlined this to me (they are the ones you find around saying that they cannot choose any of the candidates as they are not the right ones for various reasons I also agree with).

However, taking into account that I’m not aiming to vote the best candidate (as it doesn’t exist), my choice this year will be the better candidate (not the least evil, the better potential good): Monica Macovei.

If you fall into the category I described above, just don’t invalidate your vote but rather try to give it to someone who you, personally, think has the better chances to introduce the much needed changes in the political landscape.

[![Monica Macovei Presedinte](](
If you want to help spread the word and give [Monica Macovei]( "Monica Macovei Presedinte") the needed support to become a real option, take a look here and see how you can get involved:

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