If you want to grow your business and you’re looking at the Internet as a channel, bear these in mind (data is for the US 2008, but trends are global):

  • Hours online: on average 15.3 hours online per week
  • Top 10 purchases: books, clothes, travel, gifts, CD’s, videos, electronics, software/games, hobbies, computers/peripherals
  • Internet activities: e-mail (96%), internet surfing with no special purpose (71%), online news seeking (60%), product information seeking (43%), online banking or financial services (38%), instant messaging (37%), online games (35%)
  • Homepage: Google (double as compared to 2005), Yahoo, AOL, MSN (decreasing)
  • First destination after homepage: e-mail (47%)
  • Broadband: more than 75%
  • Broadband always on @home: 68%
  • More than one computer @home: 43%
  • Mobile internet use: raising rapidly

(source: USC – Center for Digital Future)