Realitatea.NET Launches Realitatea.MOBI

Realitatea.NET Launches Realitatea.MOBI
[Realitatea.NET]( "Realitatea.NET"), the leading quality news portal in Romania, has launched today [Realitatea.MOBI]( "Realitatea.MOBI"), the new and revamped version of the website’s mobile portal. If you want to be instantly connected to all the relevant news and information, you can access []( "Realitatea.MOBI") from wherever you are, by simply using your mobile phone.

The new mobile website offers the ability to follow news stories, the comments written by the website readers, but it also allows you to write your own comment directly from your mobile phone.

The new also offers you interactive multimedia experience, by offering you the ability to read the news stories that are important for you, but also view photos and videos attached to them. On top of it, if you have been the witness of an event and have recorded it with your mobile phone, you can send your own story (text, image and video) through the Eye Witness service directly from your mobile phone.

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