And there it was, this past weekend, Coke Live Peninsula, Tg Mures 2009:

![Camping on the Peninsula]( "Camping on the Peninsula")
Camping on the Peninsula
![Food!]( "Food!")
![Love is in the air...]( "Love is in the air...")
Love is in the air...
![Passion for music has no age limits]( "Passion for music has no age limits")
Passion for music has no age limits
![Iris forever]( "Iris forever")
Iris forever
![Nine Inch Nails]( "Nine Inch Nails")
Nine Inch Nails
![Karting]( "Karting")
![Timpuri Noi]( "Timpuri Noi")
Timpuri Noi
![The Prodigy]( "The Prodigy")
The Prodigy