E-commerce and Payment Systems at RoNewMedia 2008

RoNewMedia 2008 Conference and Expo
On November 11, 2008, I will be present at RoNewMedia Conference & Expo, representing and speaking about []( "") during the e-commerce and online payment systems panel. The event will take place at JW Marriott Grand Hotel, starting very early in the morning, at 8:00 am.

RoNewMedia 2.0 program will include presentations, workshops and debates about the new entrants on the Romanian online market, how to finance your online business, how to do online targetting, mobile internet, e-commerce and payment systems, how to design for an every changing world, financial success with online games and will end with the RoWebDesign Awards.

The speakers are notorious (and not so notorious) names from the international and local online industry, such as Miguel Ripoll, Alexis Bonte, Luca Passani, Gabriel Sora, Marius Ghenea, Madalin Matica, Miki Devic, Andrej Nabergoj, George Lemnaru, Dragos Manac, Cosmin Popa, Adrian Motirlichie, Marvin Liao, Matthew Boden, Attila Bihari, Orlando Nicoara, Lampros Latsaras, Anca Fieraru, Lucian Despoiu, Alexander Trommen, Marius Pahomi, Stefan Tanase, Emilia Gorgota, Ionut Oprea and yours truly.

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