The Politics of Political Marketing 2.00.8

Tonight, at Diverta Bookstore on Magheru Boulevard, Sorin Tudor marked two premieres by launching his first book, Politics 2.00.8, also the first political marketing book ever published in Romania. The book explores all aspects of political marketing, from communication and political consultancy to mass media manipulation and online political campaigns. Written in a very friendly and easily digestable tone, the book explores the realities of the emergent Romanian political arena and how political marketing is done (or not) and how it should be done, as compared with the more politically developed western worlds.

Sorin Tudor is the Managing Director of Project365 Communication, a company with expertise in political marketing, communication and public relations. He started his career as a journalist in 1990, entering the public relations realm in 1993. Between 1999 and 2000 he taught the Public Relations & Advertising course at the Political Studies Department of University of Bucharest.

He started his work in political marketing in 1996, coordinating political marketing campaigns at national and regional level during the elections from 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008. Starting in 2006, he focused on online communication projects.” (source: Sorin Tudor)

Congratulations Sorin and best of luck in your future political marketing projects!

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