Google Wave: Revolutionary Web?

Google is poised to preserve its leadership in the global online industry through continuous innovations and development. One of the newest web applications that the giant is working on is Google Wave. Meant to be launched at the end of this year, Google Wave will be the next open source community web application, having email, instant messaging or wiki features built into it, as well as the extensibility given by its API structure.

Its extensive features, will make it an extremely interesting platform for various online projects, from blogs to intranets and from online communities to collaboration tools.

For more information about Google Wave, see these two articles from Mashable:

Could Google Wave Redefine Web and Email Communication?

Google Wave: A Complete Guide

[![Google Wave Demo (source:]( "Google Wave Demo")](
Google Wave Demo (source:

If you want to stay in touch with the development of Google Wave, you can register here:

Sign Up for Google Wave Updates

In the end, a demo video:

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