I'm going to the Danube Delta!

I was saying the other day that I miss the Danube Delta and that i want to go there this year. Well… I am going! I am going to the place that I’ve been before and that has left nice memories imprinted in my mind. I am going to Partizani, near Tulcea.

I have been in this area a couple of times, first time staying on a river platform with small, minimal rooms that simply fulfilled the basic needs of sleep and toiletry. I had the best outdoor fish soup cooked on the grassy ground right by this river platform.

The second time I stayed at a fancy villa, with large and comfortable rooms, pool in the courtyard and a real restaurant. Outside boating and off-roading activities it was a “dolce far niente” sitting in bed or at the pool and watching the sunset or the sunrise.

This time I am going to CampoEuroClub, which is a beautiful tourist complex for those who want to spend quality time in the Danube Delta. I will do the regular off-roading (I hope I fix my car meanwhile, so I can actually do this), sail a catamaran, do some canoeing, probably play some paint ball and, of course, eat the regular fish meal at least three times a day (need to keep the round shape, don’t I?).

I chose to go the CampoEuroClub because they have some pretty good offers for Easter and May 1st (I will update this post with more details soon).

CampoEuroClub Partizani(

I will not go alone though. My usual travel suspects are:

What I know for sure is that I will spend some quality time, enjoy the Danube Delta and the human company. On top of this, I hope I’ll get the chance to catch sight of some pelicans, they’re not present in my Danube Delta picture archive.

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