I've Seen the Pelicans

Yeah, I’ve caught a glimpse of them hovering above us, at a distance. I wish I could have seen them closer and actually catch them in a picture of my own, but all I have is a bad quality picture of a good quality picture 🙂 (my only excuse is that I was taking the picture with my phone while being rocked by the boat).

The Pelicans]

The Pelicans through the display of a Sony Alpha

Aside from the half fulfilled desire of seeing the pelicans, I have thoroughly enjoyed this adventure. The human company was fun and entertaining. The activities were fun and dynamic. The location was almost perfect.

My travel buddies were a fun and diverse bunch. Even though we didn’t do everything together, we had fun in everything we did. Bird photography, boat riding, off-roading, fishing, archery, paint ball, kiting and so on.

Cosmin kiting in the skies

Cosmin kiting in the skies
The people at CampoEuroClub were very good hosts, taking good care of us. Food was great and almost 100% fish. The catamaran ride was great and lasted several good hours on the Danube Delta channels, allowing us to visit wild areas and see a lot of different types of birds.

A Danube Delta channel

A Danube Delta channel

If you plan on discovering the Danube Delta, Partizani is a good starting point and CampoEuroClub a good camping point.

Update: A great movie from Cosmin showcasing the wonderful experience we had in the Danube Delta.

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