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Top 100 Marketers of 2008

[![Top 100 Marketers of 2008 (source: Invesp Consulting -]( "Top 100 Marketers of 2008")](
Top 100 Marketers of 2008 (source: Invesp Consulting)
[Invesp Consulting]( "Invesp Consulting") has recently published their [top 100 Marketers of 2008]( "Invesp Consulting - Top 100 Marketers of 2008") list. Split into three categories (1-10, 11-49, 50-100), the top tries to bring forth the most influential names of last year’s online marketing industry. I will no go into too many details about this top, you can find more information about how it was created on Invesp Consulting’s website.
  1. Online Marketer of the Year: Chris Hughes – co-founder of Facebook, Chris was the strategist behind Barack Obama‘s online campaign strategy during the North American Elections in 2008. Using the social networks at their maximum potential, Chris managed to rally 1.5 million volunteers through, raising also $600 million funds from 3 million people.
  2. Guy Kawasaki – from Apple to a successful entrepreneur and later a seed capital investor, from an online blog to a series of books, Guy bathed in success in every project he got involved with.
  3. Brian Clark – founder of, Brian managed to become in only two years one of the most influential and most successful online copyrighters and bloggers worldwide.
  4. Michael Arrington – founder of, now probably the most influential and successful technology blog in the world, profiling and reviewing all new Internet companies and their products, thus able to indentify the potential future successful online entrepreneurs.
  5. Rand Fishkin – CEO of, Rand is one of the most influential SEO experts out there. Rand and his team’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO is one of the most concise and most accurate SEO resources on the web. His company’s blog is also one of the most popular blog in the SEO world.
  6. Pete Cashmore – web technology consultant and founder of, Pete focuses his work on news related to social networks, news websites or Internet startups. In the past three years, his blog managed to become one of Technocrati’s top 10 blogs worldwide.
  7. Aaron Wall – SEO expert and author of, Aaron managed to establish himself in the past five years as one of the world’s top SEO experts. His blog is also one of the most popular tools in the online industry.
  8. Jackie Huba – a speaker and a business advisor, Jackie has worked with thousands businesses at association conferences such as Microsoft, Ulta, Discovery Education, Yahoo and Verio. In 2008, Jackie and Ben McConnell founded the Society for Word of Mouth, a free social network for the true believers of word of mouth (or the merely curious). Jackie and Ben also write on the Church of the Customer Blog, one of the most important marketing blogs out there.
  9. Darren Rowse – the guy behind, Darren is one of the worlds most dedicated experts on blogging and blog monetization strategies.
  10. Avinash Kaushik – a Google Analytics evangelist and author of Web Analytics: An Hour A Day, Avinash is one of the thought leaders who have put some order into the hectic webanalytics world.

If you want more information about the Invesp Consulting’s top 10 marketers of 2008, check the link below:

You can also see the rest of the top 100 online marketers of 2008 and their achievements following the links below:

My only dissapointment with this list of online marketing leaders is that I did not find Seth Godin anywhere in the top 100, although I believe that his leadership in the online industry in 2008 was one of the most important ones.

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