US: Internet Overtakes Newspapers As News Source

Internet Overtakes Newspapers As News Source (source:
I found out today from Bogdan that, in 2008 in United States, the [Internet has overtaken newspapers as main source for national and international news.]( "Internet Overtakes Newspapers As News Source") If overall, the Internet is still less used than TV as a news source, the study shows that 59% of the Americans below 30 years of age use the Internet as their main news source, percentage on par with that of youngsters using TV as their main source of information.

The fact that Internet has become one of the most important media channels is not surprising and is something that will develop even more in the coming years. I am sure that in less than five years the Internet will be the most used news source, overtaking all other media channels in terms of availability and usability (just think about mobile internet, for example).

What is suprising in Romania though, where we already have 50% of the audience online (based on some InternetWorldStats numbers from 2008 mentioning 12 million Internet users in Romania), is that the online advertising budget represents only 3% from the total advertising spendings. Online publishers and interactive agencies all want to grow the market and shift a larger chunk of the advertising budget towards online, but it seems that this remains a mere declarative scope rather than an action plan meant to educate the market and convince the largest advertising spenders to take the Internet more into consideration when budgeting their marketing communication.

However, this will not work with simple display advertising marketing tools since the online world has moved beyond that already. What media agencies and publishers should focus on are cross media projects that combine in a creative and innovative way the customer touchpoints needed by the advertising clients to effectively communicate their messages to the right audience.

Update: Manafu shows us a short list of the most important advertising spenders in Romania in 2008 (based on Advertising Age Global Marketing Report 2008), companies that should be on the short list of publishers and media agencies when devising their strategies for bringing more of the advertising money into online.

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